An autism mom shares her reasons for why Autism Awareness Month is a time for everyone to get involved and show support. There are 365 days in a year, and as someone with a deep relationship with autism, there is something I’m very grateful for: there is one month of the year dedicated to those

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If you are involved with a child with autism one term I am sure you are familiar with through your knowledge, skill, and experience is ABA Therapy. Unfortunately this term comes with a large order of questions. What is ABA Therapy? Do you need to take your child into a specialist center for this type

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How many locks can one household hold? The answer for my household would take too many fingers and toes! I can say now after spending years working with locks of all sorts that I used to underestimate a lock’s ability. I would look at the basic use of a lock and my mind would stop

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Screaming, pinching, biting, hitting, pulling hair, and spinning—those are things that are seen quite often in my house. My youngest child has autism—with a piggybacking disorder of aggression. As a parent of two typical children, this is not something you would expect to hear from another parent at a park play date! Trying to give

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