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    Kimberly Maschi

    Kimberly Maschi is a freelance writer and former news correspondent at Stonebridge Press. When Kimberly’s son Jase was diagnosed with autism in 2010, she began writing about their experiences. Kimberly is currently enrolled at Bay Path University gaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and certification in ABA therapy. Kimberly resides in Holden, MA with her son Jase, daughter Charlotte, and fiancé Keith. When Kimberly is not writing or studying, she is outdoors gardening and hiking with her family.

    Being Prepared With ASD: My Son is Contagious

    Being Prepared With ASD: My Son is Contagious

    Where are we going? What time do we have to be there? Who is going to be there? How long are we staying? I interrogated my husband like we were going on a covert mission where our watches needed to be synchronized, maps labeled, and code words would be expected. It was just a simple […]

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