In 2002, my son Ryan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three years old. There was very little widely available information on autism at the time and as a parent, I was desperate to learn more about this diagnosis. As luck would have it, our small, rural school district had a developmental

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The phone rings, I pick up, and a dear friend asks if I am coming to the potluck tonight. I say thank you, and I wish I could, but I am terribly swamped tonight and perhaps another time. What I don’t say is, my son is having a bad day, he is on his tenth

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My son Ryan entered puberty way ahead of schedule, and I was caught by surprise scrambling to create strategies to help navigate his increased need for a basic daily hygiene regimen. What I needed was a buy-in from him: a plan to get Ry excited about cleanliness and a method to point him down the

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