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Kerrie Berroyer

Kerrie Berroyer, born in Romford Essex 1970, now lives in rural Wales, Powys.  In her early years as a professional, she worked in social services as a family support worker, in child protection, and as a special needs manager at a private nursery in Woodford.  In 2005, she became a mum to a son who, in 2008, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism.  Over those years, she became submersed in the autism world as a parent, acquiring support services for Jeorge and researching all realms of autism.  Over a two-year period from 2009-2011, she volunteered as a camp leader with families with autism and horses. During that time, she hosted talks on camps, autism philosophies, and her personal experiences. In 2010, Kerrie began offering short workshops to undergraduate students at colleges across Powys.  Most recently, she has launched her own website, Dazlious—“learning the language of autism.” Throughout the 11 years that her son has been alive, she has researched autism through courses, books, and conducting meetings with those on the spectrum. Everything she speaks of in her workshops are from the mouths of those with autism and her personal experiences with Jeorge. Her passion and focus is mostly on the sensory area of autism—where she believes all carers and professionals should start before they consider academic teaching and social engagement.