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Kelly Pilkie

    Kelly Pilkie

    Kelly Pilkie was born and raised in Alberta.  She took a special interest in working with children with special needs, specifically those with autism after taking a position as an In-Home Support worker while earning a BA at Concordia University of Edmonton.  Kelly later received her B.Ed Degree from the Concordia After Degree program and went on to teach special needs class at Onoway Elementary for students in grades 3-7. For the past two years, she has worked at Children's Autism Services of Edmonton as a preschool teacher for students with severe delays, helping prepare them for the transition to typical preschool and kindergarten programs in the community. Kelly says she has the best job because she gets to be a kid again and be silly with kids while watching them learn new skills and grow into independent-minded children. Helping families learn strategies to connect and develop confidence supporting their children has encouraged her to go back to school and she will be starting her Masters in Counseling Psychology.

    Learning to Be Fun Again – Easy Ways to Engage Preschoolers with Autism

    Learning to Be Fun Again - Easy Ways to Engage Preschoolers with Autism

    The first thing I learned as a preschool teacher to children aged three to six who are on the spectrum is how to be “fun.” This seems like it would be common sense to any teacher or parent, but it is incredibly difficult to do especially when wheels, numbers, and letters on the circle time […]

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