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Karen Bowersox

Karen Bowersox is the mother of two daughters and twelve grandchildren, one with Down syndrome.  She is married to Dr. Harold Bowersox and they just reached their 25th wedding anniversary.  

Karen started her first business in 1986 by creating a housekeeping service called Kare-N-Kleen.  Her cleaning company grew to maintain over 250 homes with a staff of 25 women and a fleet of company cars.  At that time, there were no cleaning companies like this and now they are everywhere.  Karen sold the business after twelve years and stayed home to watch many of her grandchildren be born. When her husband decided he wanted to go into private practice, she set up his medical practice and ran that for ten years.  Five years ago, Karen  started a clothing line for people with Down syndrome and last year she started her second clothing line called NBZ Jeans. She recently combined both businesses into a non-profit (pending) corporation called Downs Designs Dreams.

Grandmother Creates Special Needs Clothing Line to Make Dressing Easier


I have a granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome. Her name is Maggie. As I watched her grow, I noticed that everything she wore never fit properly. The sleeves and pant legs were always way too long. She was four years old when my daughter challenged me to start a company to make clothes […]

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