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Kathleen Tarzwell

Known as Kathleen Tarzwell, legally, but her favorite person calls her Mom. Wipfli LLP associate by day, accounting student by night. Autism advocate, fighting the good fight. Capturing life through the lens of an iPhone, and living it by the ticking of her seven year old sons heartbeat. Blogger for the benefits of inexpensive therapy and in hopes that her words do for others as reading blogs has done for her. For more information visit her blog

A Powerful Look at Motherhood – Being Mom Without the Adjective that Precedes it

A look at motherhood

Have you ever defined the word “Mom?” No, not the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, but truly what it means to be a Mom. It’s not an easy question to answer, because a Mom is so many things. There’s the Working Mom, Soccer Mom, Cool Mom, Strict Mom, and basically any word you want to insert in […]

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