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Kathleen Galati

Kathleen is a grandparent, who as a senior citizen found herself acting as parent to her grandson. Early on she realized there were learning problems and started to address them on her own. It took 5 years before the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder was made. As a young parent some forty-five years earlier, she raised a dyslexic daughter. During that time, she read anything she could find on how to teach a child to read. Drawing on the skills and methods she learned, she and her husband of 49 years are successfully helping their grandson overcome some of the hurdles that Autism presents.

Wisdom from Grandma

Wisdom from Grandma

Enjoying the quiet early morning hours, that time before the house awakens, sipping coffee. It’s “My time”, the hour I give myself for me and my thoughts. It was on one of those mornings that I was reflecting on the irony of my situation. My childhood taught me about God, a higher power that was […]

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