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Katharine Walker

Katharine Walker is a woman with a passion for writing. She has authored the self-help book Thinking in The Eye of the S.T.O.R.M and several works of poetry. She said her passion for writing has had little time to advance as she is a mother of four children and four grandchildren. Her youngest child was born when she was 43 years old after a high-risk pregnancy. When her son was diagnosed with ADD which included sensitivities, she focused on learning more about autism spectrum disorder. While she started her interior decorating business nearly 20 years ago, she recently incorporated the sensory based decorating aspect. She advocates for her son in the public school system which keeps her on her toes. Katharine said she lives each day to the fullest and looks forward to opportunities to encourage others any place she can. Her bucket list includes many things but to love passionately and give selflessly for all that she believes in is still her foremost goal. Facebook: