How to support children on the spectrum who may have difficulty understanding why others do not share the same opinions and beliefs. How wonderful it is for a child, teen, or adult to have strong opinions and not be afraid to express them. A commitment to accomplishing something can be admirable, but how do we

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While parents in general might spend time worrying about what their child’s college major will be, parents of children with autism and other differences are focused on where and how their children are going to live. Today, there are a greater number of students living with significant disabilities and residing at home with their families

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When firefighters are called, the situation is usually very dangerous. They have to move fast to keep everyone safe. The general community understands how to respond when firefighters are on the scene. But those with autism, maybe even your son or daughter, don’t necessarily know what to do. So parents need to be proactive, not

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Officers are generally trained to follow standard procedures. Most are not aware how autism may manifest differently than might be expected. Many officers could avoid making serious mistakes with a little bit of knowledge. Those who live each day on the spectrum don’t always respond well to standard procedures surrounding interaction, so communication with a

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