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Parties: How to Make Communication a Piece of Cake for Kids with Autism

How to make communication easy for kids with autism on parties

While it’s true that any birthday girl or boy can open gifts and blow out candles, this very special event deserves special attention for your child with autism which may otherwise be overlooked. Age and Time Although they are usually able to tell you how old they are, some children with autism tend to be […]

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Valuable Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Cope with Traumatic Events


Terrorism, school shootings, disastrous weather — these are just a few sobering reminders of the sometimes unpredictable world we live in.  In times of distress, children with autism especially need our help to navigate such confusing and scary moments.  If warranted, assistance from a qualified professional such as a psychologist, social worker, or counselor should […]

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How Do You Know When Your ASD Child is Being Bullied?

Passing by a playground, you’ll sometimes hear bullying remarks like, “Hey, Fatty—the ocean isn’t even big enough for a whale like you!” So painful! Most of us have experienced the physical and/or emotional pain of bullying in our lifetime, the negative effects of which sadly can last a lifetime. Even as adults, we aren’t free […]

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Autism Expert Invents New Method to Help Kids Communicate Better


If your child with autism is verbal, have you ever experienced these kinds of situations? Your son hasn’t been starting conversations with others about his recent summer vacation, so you instruct him, “Tell Grandma about your vacation.”  When he responds with unimportant or unexciting details, you find yourself guiding him, “Tell Grandma about the big […]

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