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Karen Massey

Karen Massey, BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, is a highly specialized UK speech and language therapist with 12 years’ experience working within the NHS and in independent practice, based in special schools and providing outreach to mainstream schools, in-house school therapy, and charity work. Karen’s specialist areas include verbal dyspraxia, oral motor (including Talk Tools), and the specific profile associated with Down Syndrome. She is experienced at assessing and treating these difficulties with or without learning difficulties or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Karen’s additional training includes Intensive Interaction, Social Stories, TEACCH, PECS levels 1 and 2, ADOS-2, Talk Tools levels 1 and 2, and Symbol UK. Karen is a positive, enthusiastic therapist who works hard to gain an excellent rapport with the child, and she is very passionate about enabling children and families to achieve the best communication outcomes. For more information visit the website