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    Judith Nembhard

    Judith Nembhard, a lifelong educator, has taught at all levels from grade school to university. She has published journal articles and a novel, Myra’s Calling. Her memoir, Mr. Michael: Journeying with My SpecialSon tells of her defiant and rewarding struggle to raise her son with autism, despite not knowing what his disability was. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    A Sneak Peek…Mr. Michael: Journeying with My Special Son

    A Sneak Peek...Mr. Michael: Journeying with My Special Son

    The birth of a child can bring indescribable joy and eager anticipation to a couple, but what happens when time reveals that the child has an irreversible disability? What does the couple do, and what becomes of the child? How does God break through the disappointment to reveal himself in such a situation? Mr. Michael: […]

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