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Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1955. In 1958, his parents noted there was something wrong when he stopped speaking and threw tantrums and had other problems. Jonathan is a Bettelheim era autistic and spent 10 years in psychoanalysis in the 60s. He also attended special education for eight years until 1969. He writes a blog called Autism's Gadfly where he writes about various autism issues.

Is Autism Really Underestimated in Women?

Is Autism Really Underestimated in Women?

Girls With Autism Flying Under the Radar proclaims one headline. For many years, it’s been accepted the wisdom that there’s an approximately 4:1 ratio of autistic men to autistic women. Recently, self-advocates, scientists, and clinicians have challenged this long-accepted ratio. They claim autism presents differently in girls. As a male on the autism spectrum, I […]

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