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Jonathan D. Cowan

Jonathan D. Cowan, PhD, is one of the early researchers and clinicians in the neurofeedback field. He was mentored by the discoverer of brainwave biofeedback, Dr. Joe Kamiya, during his Ph.D. program at the University of California, San Francisco. He has taken a slightly different approach to understanding the EEG, which has produced remarkably quick, powerful, and simple training methods for improving attention, depression, happiness, learning and autistic issues (called Neureka!), as well as regulating arousal. He is currently the CEO of Peak Achievement Training, which incorporates these approaches into instruments primarily for professionals—the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer and the Mood Elevator. After reviewing the studies of the Trainer and its remarkable effectiveness on autistic issues when used two or three times a week, he decided to create a home training system, the Socialize ACE ( to be sold directly to consumers or through clinicians. He has displayed this system at several meetings and recently created a poster ( which summarized it and the supporting research by Dr. Tato Sokhadze for his Innovative Technology Demonstration at the recent International Society for Autism Research conference (see ). His favorite “research assistant” is his son (in the picture) who has been doing Peak BrainHappiness Training and helping develop it, since before he was diagnosed as IDD, autistic, and then epileptic. Now all that is in the past, but he still trains himself three times a week, even without the videos, because he enjoys it and continues to improve.