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Johanna and Chadwin Taylor

Johanna and Chadwin Taylor are autism awareness advocates. Jaxon, their youngest son, is on the autism spectrum. Johanna is a stay-at-home mother who stays in constant communication with Jaxon's therapists at the ABLE Academy in Southwest Florida. She takes an active hands-on approach to Jaxon’s development every day. Chadwin has a passion for writing and is committed to raising autism awareness and education

A Letter of Understanding and Unconditional Love

A Letter of Understanding and Unconditional Love

This letter is addressed to anyone who loves a person on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or wants a better understanding. Eight doctors, blood work, and a brain scan later, no one could clearly explain autism or tell us why it happened to our son. Our hope is that this letter helps to lift fears, […]

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