JC Ellinger speaks with an autism mom and a behavior therapy provider to offer readers an inside perspective into ABA therapy. “At three and a half my son was barely talking. His speech and social-emotional delays qualified him for developmental preschool with our local school district. E was hypersensitive to noises.  He stimmed a lot

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Let’s look at senses as a tool for maximizing our children’s learning in the comfort of home surroundings. The global pandemic has come down to a household incubation. We are taking it one day at a time (sometimes one hour at a time). Having adjusted to my at-home desk sitting across from our piano; my

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Does the idea of holiday travel as an autism parent fill you with dread? Check out these top tips tried and tested by a busy mom. In the autism world of parenting, the worries that accompany holiday travel can be overwhelming; I mean, just traveling in general is stressful, but when you tackle on the holidays,

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It’s that dreaded time again. You open the refrigerator door and scan the wholesome ingredients that seem to mock you with their bright, healthy colors in illuminating shades of greens and yellows. “Easy meals” on Pinterest and books on “picky eaters” clearly do not know the true definition of your child’s eating habits. Another monochromatic

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There is not one day that goes by that my son, with high-functioning autism, opens my eyes to a new way of thinking, a different perspective.  He “gifts” me a fresh lens to view a familiar situation with a new interpretation. Yet, as intelligent as our children are, their cognitive wiring is mapped differently, and

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Each child has his/her own story which unfolds in an intimate juncture and impacts their life well before an autism diagnosis is given. How do you prepare for a journey that takes a left turn when straight is the only paved road and your head is drowning in more questions than answers? My son hit

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