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Jane Carver

Jane Carver is a mum of three living and working in Derbyshire, England. Her daughter Megan, aged 19, has severe autism. Having given up a successful career in training and development to care for Megan, she went on to raise over £1million to build a specialist therapy pool at her daughter's school in Chesterfield. Jane is also a long-term campaigner for Changing Places facilities. Most recently, she co-founded a registered charity, Accessible Derbyshire, along with Gillian Scotford, herself a mum to three boys, two of whom are disabled. The pair established The Accessible Training Company, which provides training in all aspects of accessibility awareness to organizations from across the U.K.          

Autism: The Enigma That Amazingly Saved 14 Million Lives

Autism: The Enigma That Amazingly Saved 14 Million Lives

Alan Turing: The man who cracked the ‘unbreakable’ German Enigma Code in World War II.  A gay man convicted of homosexuality in the dark days when it was a crime, but posthumously pardoned by Her Majesty the Queen in 2013. Until recently, that was about the sum of my knowledge of this brilliant man, but […]

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