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    Jaimie Coleman

    Jaimie Coleman is the mother of a six-year-old boy with autism who is in a first grade general education classroom. Her son’s diagnosis led her on a journey to learn more about Pivotal Response Therapy. Jaimie is a now Level 3 Certified in PRT and provides therapy to other children with autism using a motivational approach in a naturalistic manner. She is also a physiotherapist and lives in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit or email

    Valuable Ways You Can Talk About Autism to Your Child’s Classmates

    Valuable Ways You Can Talk About Autism to Your Child's Classmates

    My son entered first grade at a brand new school.  As parents, we decided that we wanted the other kids in his class to know about his diagnosis of autism.  There were several reasons that we decided to do this.  We were hoping that this would create an environment where he would be accepted for […]

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