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Hasan Zafer Elcik

Hasan Zafer Elcik is co-founder and CEO of Otsimo, the direct-to-family education app designed for children with special needs. When Elcik’s brother was diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder at a young age, he noticed that his younger brother had a fascination with technology. Elcik bought him an iPad as a gift and developed an application to help his brother learn and identify colors using applied behavior analysis techniques and practices. That initial app that Elcik created for his brother to learn and develop core competencies has since expanded into what Otsimo is today so that children across the world can have simple and easy access to forms of ABA therapy. Elcik is a computer scientist with specializations in game design and mobile development. In addition, Elcik is an Ashoka Youth Changemaker and has been featured as a TedX speaker. For more info visit