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    Harvey Matoren

    Harvey Matoren, MPH, CCAP is a healthcare professional with 50+ years in the industry. He's a former senior vice president at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and President of its HMO subsidiary, Health Options. Throughout his career, Harvey developed insurance packages and plans for groups and employers, while continuing to fight for patients' rights and benefits. In 1989, he and his wife (a registered nurse and health care administrator) established Claims Security of America, an independent Jacksonville, FL based business that manages, files and tracks medical claims for a nationwide roster of clients. Harvey holds a BS degree in Psychology from CUNY, a Master’s degree in Public Health from UCLA and completed an advanced management program at the Harvard Business School. He’s licensed and bonded as a “Public Health Adjuster” by the Florida Department of Insurance. And he’s one of the first members certified by the National Association of Claims Assistance Professionals. Founding member of its National Advisory Board and Certification Committee and successor organization, the Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals, Inc. (ACAP). For more visit and email at