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Gregg Ireland

For the past seven years, Gregg Ireland has played a central role in the growth and development of Extraordinary Ventures, currently serving as an officer on the Board of Directors. Gregg is also Chair of the Autism Science Foundation, New York. Gregg is retired after 45 years in the investment business with the Capital World Investors, where he was an analyst, portfolio manager, fund officer, and partner of the organization. For more information visit the website Documentary trailer:

Employment Matters…Especially for Those on the Spectrum

Employment Matters…Especially for Those on the Spectrum

The job of “raising” a son or daughter significantly impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) does not come to an end when your child reaches the age of majority. It just shifts to a new realm. Indeed, adulthood brings significant new worries and new challenges. Vital concerns for parents of emerging adult children with ASD […]

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