As the mother of six children, three autistic, three not disabled but in speech for a few years each in elementary schools, I have gone to way more than my fair share of educational meetings at school. Over the decades fighting that red tape, I have learned some ways to make the process less of

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As parents of children who are nonverbal or have limited speech, we have to learn some skills of our own to help them learn to communicate better. I have three children with autism myself who are all now extremely verbal, but when they were younger, communication was a constant struggle. Here are a few of

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I have three autistic children, along with three who are neurotypical. They were all born within a 12-year period. As you might imagine, our family household was a wild and crazy 20-year rollercoaster ride as they were all growing up. I, through desperation, trial and error, magical luck, and vivid imagination, came up with what

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