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Dr. G Aspie Show – Practical Tips for Combating Sleep Problems with Asperger Kids


In this episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show, host Dr. Frank Gaskill interviews Southeast Psych’s Dr. Melissa Miller, a Sleep Specialist, about why Aspies might be prone to sleep problems. Together they discuss bedtime routines and anxieties and Miller provides some excellent nighttime tips that everyone can use to get some sleep.   Frank […]

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Aspergers is Awesome!

Dear Earthlings, The mothership landed here thousands of years ago and gave us Aspergers. And, thus, also gave us NASA, Lego, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Pretty sure you or your kids are using one of these right now. I’ve said it before and I will keep on saying it. Aspergers is awesome. Aspie kids and […]

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