Our ability to self-regulate or exercise control over our emotions and behaviors is a critical skill that evolves as we mature and get older. The goal of self-regulation is to gain control over our emotions and behavior in order to act in our long-term best interest. It helps us get through everyday life and cope

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Standardized cognitive testing is a complicated subject when it comes to assessing children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Their social, communication, sensory and behavior problems compound the difficulties in administering a standardized measure. The tests rely heavily on the subject’s language skills, ability to interact with others, motor planning and execution, and behavioral regulation. Typically,

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One of the most difficult things to cope with as an autism mom was my son’s inability to speak. I remember hoping and praying that speech was going to develop and reassuring myself that it was a matter of time and the words would emerge by perhaps the next holiday or birthday. I recall having

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When Ewa Omahen met a woman at work who was in a state of despair over her son’s disabilities, she chose to reach out. As a mother of a 15-year-old son with autism, Ewa well understood the challenges that go hand-in-hand with raising children with special needs. Take a look at the touching letter Ewa wrote encouraging

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