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Eric Chessen

Eric Chessen, M.S., Founder, Autism Fitness, is the founder of Autism Fitness. An exercise physiologist with an extensive background in Applied Behavior Analysis, Eric has spent over a decade developing fitness and active play programs for the autism population. In addition to working/playing with his athletes, Eric provides consulting, workshops, and professional training worldwide. He is the author of several eBooks.

Six Steps to a Fun, Friendly, Family Fitness Program

Family Fitness Program 4

“Wow, how did you get him/her to do that?,” parents often ask me. Whether their seven-year-old son just performed a jump for the first time or their seventeen-year-old daughter triumphed over a Dynamax ball squat, Sandbell slam, and bear walk combo, one of the highlights of my profession is demonstrating capabilities. And it isn’t quite […]

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