Marshmallows…It's What's for Breakfast
Autism Diet and Nutrition

Marshmallows…It’s What’s for Breakfast

The other day a friend of mine was talking to me in detail about the entirely “non-processed and made from scratch” breakfast that she had prepared for her children. I nodded pleasantly, giving her kudos. She then went on to ask the question that I was dreading… “So, what did you feed your daughter today?”

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How to Use PECS to Give Your Child with Autism the Voice He/She Needs

“Use your words.” How often have we heard parents around the world use this phrase, or at least something like it?  And what do parents mean exactly when they say this to their children?  I remember not quite understanding the meaning of these words when I was in the pre-parenting phase of my life.  You

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The Most Beautiful Smile – Taking the Time to Absorb the Joy

My daughter is beautiful. I look at my baby girl and she takes my breath away. It has nothing to do with her blonde hair or her sparkling blue eyes, though they’re a nice touch. What makes my daughter beautiful is her smile. For the longest time, I couldn’t define exactly why this was the