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Dr. Andrea Libutti

Andrea Libutti, M.D. is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and has spent several years in private practice treating children with autism. When her son Jack was diagnosed with autism at 20 months old, Andrea immersed herself in a variety of different healing modalities, including biomedical and alternative therapies. Through this immersion, she has helped a number of children achieve far higher functionality than is typically assigned to this population, and several children were fully integrated from a social-relationship perspective. Her book Awakened by Autism, published by Hay House, is a culmination of her extensive knowledge and a guide for viewing autism from a mind-body-spirit perspective.  Andrea has appeared on Hay House Radio, spoken at national and regional autism conferences, and guest blogs for a variety of different websites, including the Huffington Post, Hay House’s Heal Your Life, and Mind Body Green. In 2016, Andrea started the Autism Wellness Revolution to transform the lives of children with autism and their families. The Autism Wellness Revolution is a two-part endeavor that includes an interactive online community and online workshops for parents and professionals. The free online community includes an informational website and blog,, a weekly newsletter packed with tips for healing and ongoing inspiration and a YouTube channel with informational videos.  This past summer, she launched “Ask Dr. Andie,” an online weekly Q & A for parents and professionals. Andrea’s greatest hope is to empower families to take useful action to restore their children’s physical and emotional wellbeing while embracing them with the love and acceptance they deserve. Andrea received her medical degree from the

How You Can Unlock Your Child’s Brilliance with ASD

How You Can Unlock Your Child’s Brilliance with ASD

I am not fond of intelligence testing for my son with autism, but it is required by the school district since he receives services. These tests rely on strong verbal communication and auditory processing skills, which are a challenge for Jack and many others with autism. Jack had not been tested for years, so our […]

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