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William Killion

William Killion is a speech and language pathologist with 40-plus years of direct experience with individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism. After receiving his BS in speech pathology with a minor in psychology, Dr. Killion went on to attain a MEd in special education and a PhD in developmental psychology. He is the owner of Functional Skills ABA, LLC, a practice that services many areas of South Carolina, and has served as an adjunct psychology professor and consultant to psychiatric and behavioral facilities for behavioral plans for children and adult with autism and other developmental disabilities. He is a BCBA at Springbrook He is the author of the Functional Independence Skills Handbook or F.I.S.H. Developmental Program which is a curriculum for ABA used in 83 countries and translated into many languages. Dr. Killion is a frequent national speaker on ABA and how to address significant negative behaviors.

Finding the Right Therapy to Help Foster Independence With Special Needs

Finding the Right Therapy to Help Foster Independence With Special Needs

Functional independence skills are necessary for daily living and establishing quality of life. For ‘neuro-typical’ individuals, we exercise functional independence every day without thinking much about it. We get ourselves up, bathed, dressed, fed and out the door instinctually. For children with autism, however, these functional skills are often not always innate. It’s important to […]

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