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Colleen Kraft

Colleen A. Kraft, MD, MBA, FAAP, is the Senior Medical Director for Clinical Adoption at Cognoa, a digital medical device company designing products to address the unmet developmental and behavioral health needs of children. Dr. Kraft serves as the 2018 President of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Her background includes work in primary care pediatrics, pediatric education, and health care financing. Dr. Kraft received her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, her M.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her MBA from the University of Cincinnati. She completed her residency in Pediatrics at Virginia Commonwealth University. Through her work, Dr. Kraft’s goals are to promote the optimal physical, developmental, and psychosocial health of all children, and to support those adults and professionals who care for all children.

Home Together: Navigating COVID-19 and Disrupted Routines With Your ASD Child

Navigating COVID-19 and Disrupted Routines With Your ASD Child

Even as households worldwide self-isolate to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’re the furthest thing from isolated when it comes to what we’re experiencing—starting from the shared stress and concern we’re feeling amid such significant upheaval and uncertainty. For families with a child on the autism spectrum, these times can be uniquely concerning. Disruption […]

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