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Colin Rhodes

Colin Rhodes is an experienced healthcare IT executive with sixteen years’ experience working in medical imaging and clinical trials.  Colin holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland.  He has an eight-year-old son with ASD

The Simple Game of Minecraft: Top Ways to Connect with Your ASD Child

Connect with your ASD child with Minecraft

Video games were a sore point in my house for many years because my son and I could not agree on age appropriate titles.  Sebastian’s choices revolved around what are often called “First Person Shooters,” war-themed adventures riddled with ferocious violence, whereas I was hoping for him to play Super Mario Brothers or some other […]

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Valuable Ways to Prepare Your Child with Autism for a Hospital Stay


Four years ago I had the terrible experience of taking my son, Sebastian, for an extended hospital stay.  The day was like any other in upstate NY, snowy, cold, and we were rugged up in layers of clothes to stay warm.  Sebastian has always had a great sense of play but this day he seemed […]

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