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Coby Ingram

Coby Ingram is the grandpa-daddy in a spectrum family. He has two grandsons with diagnosed autism. But his youngest daughter—midway in age between them—said recently at her well-child checkup, “I have autism. If I don’t, I’m the only one in the whole family who doesn’t. And what are the odds of that?” The doctor didn’t know what to think. She’s the youngest kid in second grade, and she is one of the smartest. And walks on her tippy-toes. All the time. On the furniture. Coby is a Spanish interpreter because he can do it, and a writer ‘cause he can’t not do it. His current obsessive special interest is autism. Over the last several years, he’s gone from not knowing what it is to knowing quite a bit. He and his family live in rural Eastern Washington.

Amazing Ways Chiropractic Therapy Can Benefit Kids with Autism

Amazing Ways Chiropractic Therapy Can Benefit Kids with Autism

Encopresis is a common struggle for autistic children. The scientific term comes from the Greek en– (“inside”) and kopros (“stool”).  In other words, “you have poop stuck inside you.”  When simple constipation turns into a hard, dry blockage, soft stool leaks around the block. The child usually can’t control the leakage. Often, the encopresis develops […]

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