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Cindy Stringer Wismer

Cindy Stringer Wismer was born in Chincoteague, VA to Tom and Olive Stringer.  Her father was a Colonel in the Air Force, flying in the Berlin Airlift.  Her mother owned a dance studio. Wismer graduated from Northeastern University and attended Cal State San Bernardino for graduate work.  She taught school, mostly special education, for thirty-five years. Books by Cindy Stringer Wismer: Never Push and Never Pull, Autism in Children , A Guide for Parents and Teachers, Autism in Teens, ADHD in Children, Turn To Me, ADHD in Adults, Stars in the Sand , Autism in Toddlers, The Magic Sands. Buy her book at

The Golden Girl – Approaching Students with Autism by Entering Their World

I first noticed Carolyn on the playground; a tall, blonde girl running on her toes.  When I approached her to say “Hi” she held her hand in front of her face, turned her head to the side and glanced at me through her fingers.  She ran away giggling. After teaching special education for many years […]

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