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    Ceymi Doenyas

    Ceymi Doenyas, is a Princeton University graduate from the departments of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Near Eastern Studies. She has been working for and with individuals with autism for 8 years. In highschool, she has volunteered at Tohum Foundation for Early Diagnosis and Education of Autism in Istanbul, Turkey. She helped translate the educational curriculum of Princeton Child Development Institute into Turkish so that Tohum, a dissemination school of PCDI, could open its first school for individuals with autism in Turkey. In college, she has volunteered at the Eden Institute and took its students to fun after-school activities like bowling and Pump-it-up. As part of the Fashion Speaks team in Princeton University, she helped organize and run events to raise money for Autism Speaks and the Eden Institute. This year, as a Princeton University Reach Out 56-81-06 fellow, she worked with Tohum School to bring to Turkey the iPad technology in the education of individuals with autism and donated iPads to the school. She is also working on developing Turkish iPad applications geared towards the needs of the students in this school.