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Carol Burmeister

Carol Burmeister has a life-long passion for working with individuals with specials needs, their families, and the schools and community settings that serve them.  Her professional experience includes serving as a paraprofessional, general education teacher, special education teacher, program specialist, university instructor, and consultant in a wide variety of educational settings. Carol participated as a reviewer in the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder’s 2014 update on evidence-based practices.  The publication she co-authored with Sheri Wilkins, FLIPP the Switch:  Strengthen Executive Function Skills, reflects her wide-ranging experience within the field of education.Sheri Wilkins, Ph.D. has dedicated her professional career to serving students with disabilities and building the capacity of educators to better serve this unique population. After her son sustained a mild traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2010, Sheri had first-hand experience in the power of environmental modifications and metacognitive strategies in supporting people who struggle with executive functions. It was this experience that led her to write FLIPP the Switch: Powerful Strategies to Strengthen Executive Function Skills with her friend and co-author, Carol Burmeister.  Sheri participated as a reviewer in the National Professional Development Center on Autism Disorder’s 2014 update on evidence-based practices.Connect with FLIPP the Switch on Facebook at: with Sheri and Carol at:

7 Simple Ways to Make Travel Easier with Autism

Are you busy planning for a family vacation this summer, but anticipating the travel experience with more anxiety than enthusiasm?  If you have a child who struggles with flexibility, remaining emotionally level, and controlling impulses, you may be recalling from past experiences that – as excited as everyone was to get to the Magic Kingdom, […]

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