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Cara Koscinski

Cara Koscinski obtained her Master's Degree in occupational therapy in 1997. She is the parent of two children with autism and SPD. Cara is known as ‘The Pocket Occupational Therapist,’ has written four published books, and has created two CDs for children with a fear of loud noises. Additionally, she speaks at conferences and for Future Horizons, serves as an OT Advisor for Autism Asperger’s Digest, and teaches continuing education courses in the US and the UK. Information about Cara and her books is available at The Pocket Occupational Therapist website at:

Ways to Include Your ASD Child When You Head to Church

Ways to Include Your ASD Child When You Head to Church

Parents of children with special needs often fear being judged by others.  It is hoped that the church will be an accepting environment; however, the reality is that the majority of church members with children who have special needs do not attend church regularly.  Church holds great importance to many families, yet the thought of […]

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