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Brooke Twine

Brooke Twine is a high school teacher in the UK and the mother of a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with autism in 2009. High school teacher + mother = sliding scale to insanity!! My husband’s name is Ashley and he is a coal train driver. My beautiful mother, Debbie, is an integral part of my family who helps us each and every day to raise my son. My little family has been on quite the journey together since the diagnosis, accessing services and endeavoring to find the best combination of professionals to introduce into my son’s life. My little boy is non-verbal and not toilet trained, so life can present itself with some challenges. We are determined to maintain our positivity, even in those moments when I could have a meltdown that easily surpasses that of my son.

Bins and Pencils

I live in New England, which for those of you not familiar with the United States is a group of states that gets to witness what every season has to offer. We get blizzards, we get heat waves, and we are well known for our beautiful foliage; when the leaves turn such vibrant colors that […]

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