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Brandi Timmons

Brandi Timmons is the education director at Social Motion, Inc., a non-profit in Houston, TX that provides a lifespan of services to individuals on the autism spectrum. She coordinates Social Motion’s after school social skills, Virtual Motion, and Independence Mapping programs. Brandi has over 15 years’ education experience specializing in autism and behavior analysis. She completed her master of education degree with an emphasis in autism at Stephen F. Austin State University and her BCBA coursework at University of North Texas. During her studies, she quickly realized the benefits of using behavioral strategies to teach academic, life, and vocational skills and found her passion for working with individuals on the spectrum. She has previously worked as a special education teacher, a district autism specialist, and district BCBA. She has experience training administrators, teachers, and parents; developing behavior programs for students; leading educational planning meetings; and designing and implementing new programs. For more information visit

How You Can Create a Climate Of High Expectations in the Classroom

How You Can Create a Climate Of High Expectations in the Classroom

“He doesn’t talk much. He reads at a 1st-grade level. We’re working on coloring and staying in the lines.” As a public school special education teacher, nothing upset me more than statements like these. An incoming 6th grader, the student gained three years of academic growth that year. By the end of 7th grade, he was […]

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