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Bob Brotchie

Bob Brotchie is the Founder of the ICE – In Case of Emergency – concept that received worldwide recognition in 2005. He is a former Senior Paramedic and has been delivering within Primary Health-Care for more than two decades. Following an award winning career – including three years as a HEMS medic, and many years as a manager and project lead – Bob retrained, and is now delivering counselling and psychotherapy services for adults and children with cognitive and behavioral needs from his private practice, Anglia Couselling, near Newmarket, Suffolk. Links:ICE - In Case of Emergency Website: www.incaseofemergency.orgBob Brotchie on Twitter: @BobBrotchie ( – In Case of Emergency on Facebook:

Affordable Emergency App Makes Difference in Autism Community


It’s Simple Math: ICE + Autism = Better Care Paramedics do amazing things every day; I know because I used to be one. They are often the first responders on the scene of a collision, fire, workplace accident or even a natural disaster. In addition to attending to the urgent medical needs of those on […]

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