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Bill Nason

Bill Nason, M.S., is a mental health professional, behavior and autism specialist with over 35 years of experiences working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities. Specialties include developing positive behavior support plans for multiple behavior challenges, skill training programs for daily living skills, and developing person centered life plans. Bill has spent eleven years running soccer and basketball programs for children and young adults with autism/aspergers at Oakland University. He also moderates the “Autism Discussion Page” on Facebook with a membership of over 75,000 people, has authored two books on treatment strategies for individuals with autism, and periodically lectures at conferences. Bill has also volunteered his time servicing local autism support groups.

Can My Child Ever Learn to Live on His Own?


Parents often ask me “Can my child ever learn to live on his own?” The answer for many of these children is YES. The three main things that hold them back are: the limited expectations of those teaching them, the way we go about teaching, and not starting early enough to teach independent living. At […]

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