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Beatrice Moise

Beatrice Moise, MS, BCCS is a mom of two children: Jacob who is awesomely autistic, and Abigail who is marvelously neurotypical. She is a board-certified cognitive specialist, a respected parent coach, and consultant and is the creator of LLC A company created for educating parents of children with unique behavioral and learning needs. Beatrice has been providing tools that are useful and practical to parents for years in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. She is very passionate about children and believes that working with families is both rewarding and enjoyable. She enjoys the delightful feeling of facilitating the needs of children to feel successful in their learning, emotional and social well-being, academic success and to have positive self-esteem. She has a bachelor of science in psychology and also holds a master of science in mental health counseling with a specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Nova Southeastern University.