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Amy Windham Muir

Amy Windham Muir is a wife and the mom of four kids. She has a ten-year-old daughter, five-year-old-twin son and daughter, and a nine-month old son. Her five-year-old daughter has autism spectrum disorder, and her youngest was recently diagnosed with developmental delays. Amy has her master's degree in social work, but currently life revolves around her family and autism. She enjoys writing as a cathartic and inspirational activity and maintains a blog filled with humor and realities associated with ASD parenting.

Special Twins Walk Hand-in-Hand Through Life

Special Twins Go Hand-in-Hand Through Life

Six years ago, my husband and I were informed by a doctor we were expecting twins to join the four-year-old daughter we already had. My husband did not utter a word for hours until I asked him what was wrong.  Appearing to be in a near stupor, he replied, “I’m trying to figure out how to pay for […]

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