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Amy Smith

Amy Smith, OTR/L, M.A. is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience working with children with autism and specializes in sensory integration interventions.  She is the creator of, a free website with resources and ideas to improve your child’s sensory processing skills, fine and gross motor skills, handwriting skills, and overall success in daily life.  She is offering occupational therapy consultation services online via FaceTime and Skype. If interested, go to:

Simple Ways to Help Relieve Your Child’s Stress: Calming Cookie Dough

Relieve Your Child's Stress with Calming Cookie Dough

If your child has autism, you are probably quite familiar with sensory processing issues.  Although sensory processing and autism are two separate entities, they often co-exist and each can further complicate the other.  Oftentimes, children with autism have greater difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors because processing all the sensory stimuli in their world can […]

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