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Amy Simmans

Amy Simmans is a special needs advocate who helps parents learn their child’s legal rights to negotiate their child’s special education needs. Before starting her blog lending her insights as an Autistic mother’s perspective on raising several children with Autism and many various special needs herself, she had completed her Bachelors in Science in Public Relations (advocacy) /Mass Communication. Amy has spent the last 20 years raising her six children of which three have formal diagnoses of Autism. Amy has lived her life with autism, Complex Motor Tourette’s and Sensory Processing Disorders completely devoid of support. She understands the benefits of early interventions and the need to keep children engaged and included by building on their strengths. Amy can clearly express the experience of autism. Her passions after being a wife and mother are education, research, writing and vigorous exercise.

Emotional Therapy: How to Bridge the Gap For People With Special Needs

Emotional Therapy: How to Bridge the Gap For People With Special Needs

If humans are anything, first, we are emotional beings. Newborn babies in the NICU are proven to have increased chances of survival directly correlated with how much physical contact they receive. This has been the root of hospital volunteer baby huggers programs in which they bring in volunteers to simply hug and cuddle infants to […]

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