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Amy Nichols

Amy Nichols is a kindergarten teacher and a writer, and she lives in Clermont, Florida with her two precious sons, Micah (age 6), Grant (age 4), and her husband, Justin (who also just happens to be the best dad on the planet.) Grant was diagnosed with ASD just before he turned two, and since that time, he has made tremendous growth, due to the amazing early intervention, speech, OT, and ABA therapists that have crossed his path. The journey has been daunting, and the trials have been difficult at times, but Grant has proven over and over again that he is strong and courageous, by modeling the value of perseverance and determination in order to reach for the stars.

Poetry Corner: Finding Courage

Poetry Corner: Finding Courage

I wait With bated breath. I try to prepare myself For the unknown in this moment. Fear has settled itself in my heart. These are small moments for most. Normal events in childhood. There shouldn’t be fear. Trembling. Uncertainty. But there is for me. These moments terrify me. I sit, watching the speech therapist Spoon […]

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