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Alex White

Alex White

Alex White is the proud father of two boys on the spectrum, William, five, and George, three. By day he is Senior Business Analyst at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he specializes in financial aid process improvement. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his sons, his wife Ashley, and his brother Phil. He enjoys spending time with family, playing music, and reading history. Alex’s work as a writer has been published in the Bucks County Courier Times, The Intelligencer, and LinkedIn:®-6144517

Navigating the World of Medication

“Always trust your gut!” people tell you throughout your life. Maybe I don’t trust mine enough, but in mid-March of 2017, it was practically grabbing me by the ears and shouting at full volume about my toddler William, who was in a silent crisis. You see, William’s baby brother George became hospitalized with a serious […]

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