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Alescia Ford-Lanza

Alescia Ford-Lanza, MS, OTR/L, ATP, is an occupational therapist and assistive technology practitioner who specializes in educationally relevant interventions with a focus on sensory integration and assistive technology supports to learning. She is a therapist, consultant, and speaker who works to inform parents, inspire teachers, and include children of all abilities! Alescia is a contributing Advisory Board member of Wolf+Friends and a contributing content writer for Harkla. Through her educational, parent-friendly blog posts, Alescia helps connect families with therapy-informed products and development-minded activities. She founded Adapt & Learn, LLC, with the mission that children of all abilities can play, learn, adapt, and develop with the right therapeutic and educational supports. Alescia strives to help children along this continuum by fostering a love of learning. Website: Facebook: Pinterest: @adaptlearn

How Can Assistive Technology Benefit People With Autism?

How Can Assistive Technology Benefit People With Autism?

What is Assistive Technology? Assistive technology (AT) is defined as any product, equipment, software program and/or system that enhances learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities.The goal of assistive technology is to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities (ATIA). Think about all of the skills that your child, […]

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