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Articles that focus on changing behavior (used to be called behavior modification) using positive reinforcement; applied behavior analysis is a teaching method used to help children with autism learn to their full potential.

Simple Ways to Avoid “Learned Helplessness” with Autism

Simple Ways to Avoid “Learned Helplessness” With Autism

I am a broken record when it comes to talking about learned helplessness! I think it is one of the most dangerous and damaging traps that kids or parents can fall into. Learned helplessness may be a term unfamiliar to you as well, so let me give you the basics, and 10 practical ways to […]

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Fueling your Child’s Passion: An Educator’s Look at The Spark

Fueling your Child’s Passion: An Educator's Look at The Spark

The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius, by Kristine Barnett, recounts her story as a mother of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s. Kristine narrates how she “lost” her son Jake to autism and her family’s journey to get him back. Jake worked with experts at home and in school, but progress was lacking, and […]

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HELP: How Can I Make it Easy For My Son to Remember Skills?

HELP: How Can I Make it Easy For My Son to Remember Skills?

I’m struggling with my son remembering the things he has learned. I teach him one thing and he forgets. Any tips? –Matsepo Hey Matsepo! What you’re experiencing is very common for people with developmental disabilities. Research shows that children with autism require significantly more learning opportunities to gain a new skill than other children. On […]

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Autism, Head Banging and other Self Harming Behavior

Autism, Head Banging and Other Self Harming Behavior

Headbanging is an alarming issue for families with children on the spectrum. Caregivers and parents should get help before addressing headbanging and autism. Autism does not need to be synonymous with self-harm. Read on for tips and strategies to help your child reduce self-injurious behavior. Why do autistic children hit themselves? For children with autism, […]

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High Quality ABA Treatment:  What Every Parent Needs to Know

Dr. Stephen Shore once said “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”  As many of you know, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are now 1 in 68 children living with autism in the United States.  What this means for each child and his/her family […]

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Help: I Don’t Know How to Choose an Applied Behavior Analysis Provider

How to choose an ABA provider

 Help! I am going to be starting Applied Behavior Analysis for my son who has autism. Can you tell me things to ask and what to look for in an ABA provider? — Jane I am so glad you asked this. Within the autism community there are mixed feelings about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  But, […]

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HELP: My Autistic Child is Absolutely Terrified of Storms Now


How do you handle high anxiety of a child on the spectrum? My son is 12 years old and where we live there is a hurricane coming soon. Everyone is talking about it and he is terrified. He gets upset when it rains and he cries because he’s scared. With others he appears angry and […]

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HELP: I Need Communication Advice for Autistic Grandson


A grandfather from Singapore asks… My eldest grandson (age 5) is autistic. His parents work full-time so I am his caretaker.  He is very picky about his food, does not talk, is hyperactive, walks on his toes, has difficulty concentrating, wakes up in the middle of the night, is not potty-trained, and fiddles with his […]

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Help: My Aspie Lacks Motivation

motivation aspie autism

Hi, I am the parent of a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome.  He was unable to cope with school so he now has a tutor come to the house each day for one hour.  He is very withdrawn and this is worse when his tutor comes.  How do I get him to engage with the […]

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