All For You

When you were born, I didn’t know you or how much you’d change my life but knew I loved you.

All For You

It was natural for things to be different, hard, and challenging but all was still beautiful because it was you.

You grew, and I grew with you. Together, we sprouted a bond that fed off each other. The cloudy days made us more understanding and the sunny days stronger.

Though, as you budded it hindered and hung.
Everyone said you were fine, but they don’t hear you the same way I do.

You’re no teacher, but you might as well be since you’ve taught me a thing or two including a new language that twists and even though I’ve had to learn it over the years you’ve had to learn two, textbooks not included.

Communication is vital, though nothing is final, so I had to be determined, positively prepared and make it my mission to deliver resources to your doorstep to ensure you that chance, that help and that smile.

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Though slow, with some water you continue to grow like a magical seed that will blossom into a stronger one of a kind you. Petals may be plucked, and thorns may come out to do what they do best, but you carry a constant softness.

My love for you is my all, and it does not descend as deep as oceans trenches where no one ever goes but as deep as time where memories are kept, and I have an inexplicable amount of nothing but that to give to the brightest shining thing in my life, you.

This is article was featured in Issue 78 – Back to School Success

Nicole Kaczmarek

Nicole Kaczmarek is a 25-year-old mother in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She has one happy three-year-old child who has autism, his name is Rollie Britton. Rollie loves to play and is somewhat verbal, though he is making great progress with speech and activities. He has his moments of getting overwhelmed but makes the best of it and is overall very determined in life.

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