New Book Provides Advice on How to Become Your Child’s Strongest Advocate

New Book Provides Advice on How to Become Your Child's Strongest Advocate

As a parent of a child with extra special needs, there’s always a lot going on. Parents can be overwhelmed by child development experts, complex funding, and disability systems. There is frustration with aspects of their child’s school and therapy programs. With the constant juggling act, there is little time or energy to navigate through the process, and leadership skills can slip through their fingers.

In Becoming Chief – How to Lead Your Child’s Special Needs Tribe, tough topics are covered, wonderful real-life stories told, and practical parent-friendly tips shared including:

  • Adjusting to, researching, seeking support for, and sharing your child’s diagnosis
  • Staying organized and using time and technology well
  • Achievable ways to look after yourself
  • Explanations of different professionals and therapy services
  • Team management, goal setting, individualized programs, and measuring progress
  • Tips for finding and managing to fund

You are your child’s strongest advocate and fiercest protector.  For extraordinary things to happen, you need to advocate assertively and lead with skill and determination. You need to Become Chief of your child’s special needs tribe.

This is a practical, easy-to-read book that will help you feel even more organized, energized, and skilled with leading your child’s team and program. For more information and to purchase a copy of the book, visit the Nacre Consulting website:

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Cathy Love

Cathy Love is an occupational therapist, coach, speaker, author, and the founding director of Nacre Consulting. Cathy works with parents and disability service providers to achieve brilliant outcomes for children with special needs. In particular, Cathy works as a Family Service Coach, guiding parents to manage their child’s tribe. To support her work as a family service coach, Cathy has written this book.